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Why Leap Year is the BEST!

When I was younger my dad would say to me that on leap year girls can propose to boys. And that made leap year romantic to me. It doesn’t hurt that the extra day comes in the month of love.

Leap Year 2020 is the best leap year yet. Do you know why?

I know, I know, Valentines this year is not affected by the leap year, but it still totally rocked to be on a Friday.

Cinco de Mayo: This is what Taco Tuesday was made for!

4th of July: Saturday is the perfect day for fireworks!

Halloween: It should always be held on a Saturday so the poor teachers can have a break from the crazy kids.

Christmas: I love when it makes the weekend longer!

And a 3 day weekend to start the New Year seems like a perfect end to an incredible year!

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