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Why I Love Weddings

When Scott & I got married I remember standing there talking to my friend Amy and her husband Casey. And Casey talking about how much he loves weddings. And as I think about it, I love weddings. I love seeing two people join their lives together, promising themselves to something so grand, and making a commitment to care for each other.

I snapped this of my sweet bride, Yeeven, just before she stepped out to get married!

My favorite moment at a wedding is actually two. First, the moment standing aside with my bride just before she walks down the aisle. Telling her how beautiful she looks and how perfect her day is for her. The second is the moment my couple walk back from their ceremony and kiss away from anyones view. It's so intimate and perfect.

For me as an event coordinator, weddings are easy. They follow the same pattern and there aren't as many moving parts as another event. However, there are brides and mothers of the brides. I feel like I have worked hard to make sure I am well aware of the desires of my clients so that I can diffuse any arguments that may arise.

I also love being able to problem solve when something might be late, isn't what the bride was envisioning or changing directions without missing a beat.

And really, love. Who doesn't love love?

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