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When It Falls Apart

I feel like this last month has been one of complete falling apart.

Yep. I am about to get real vulnerable over here.

First, I had a mammogram on May 6th. Everything seemed fine. That was my first one. I have a family history of breast cancer. My mom had it 10 years ago and my maternal grandmother had it 9 years prior to her.

On Mother’s Day my scalp started to ooze in the evening. I woke up Monday morning to to the most matted hair I have ever seen. It didn’t hurt, itch, just was oozing. So I immediately called the dermatologist and was able to get an appointment that day. At lunch time I got a call from the hospital because they saw something concerning on my mammogram and I needed to do further testing. Talk about emotional.

My birthday was fantastic. My friends spoiled me. Scott catered to me. It was perfect.

Oliver had his 2-year well child check and he had an ear infection. The next day was my follow up to my mammogram. And again fate is funny. Claire woke up the morning of my follow-up with a super swollen face. Scott got her an appointment that morning with the dentist. Her tooth was abscessed. Of course, they like to do those operations at the hospital. However they are saying that oral surgeries aren’t essential right now and gave us an antibiotic along the way. I had to tell them she wasn’t eating and needed to have it taken out in office. So they got her in that day!

And now here we are. The end of the long weekend and whole. I am planning a whole post about my process with my breasts soon. Don’t you worry!

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