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What's My Plan?

As I sat here contemplating where I want to take the blog, my business and my time I felt stuck. I still kind of do.

So I did what I have always done and wrote a list. I have an outline of the blog posts I want to write for the next several months. I am working on social media posts. And I am giving myself grace to forget since I am not in the habit.

In January I was able to do some goal setting, create TWO Vision Boards and on them is a lot of self care, listen to my body, nourish my body, take care of my self, connect with others, keep my schedule and enjoy. I was surprised this is what my mind, body and emotions needed. I am such a go-getter. I don't let grass grow under my feet. Watching TV isn't really a thing for me. Unless I am doing something else... Like now... I am writing this blog post and watching last week's The Bachelor episode.

Would you be interested in my vision boards? Would that be a fun thing for you?

I am hoping to incorporate some of my personality here on the blog since it is a creative outlet for me. I am planning to share weddings from the past, fun family traditions and decor for all the things. (Nope, sure didn't decorate for Valentine's Day... It was a sad day!)

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