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What I Learned

When I wrote the Goals Masterclass I was floored with how quickly all of the inspiration came to the paper.

This class is so good. I have loved having my group of women to talk to each week, to cheer on and to get vulnerable with.

I learned you can give everything to people but there is still actions they need to take. I have learned not all ideas are inspired. I have learned that we are all doing the best we can. I have learned what I need to do in my business.

All from this course I wrote. I can be so much better than I am. When I am down I am reflecting back on what I wrote in my goals to ground me.

I have been writing another course on content planning. And it has been ROUGH. I know that I have quality content, however the words aren’t flowing like they have for me in the past.

And, I am in the midst of new branding. Getting a new logo, finding me in my brand and making it all consistent. I KNOW it needs to happen for me to be better for everyone! So wish me luck as I do all of these things.

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