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Weddings 101: Trying To Do Too Much

As a wedding vendor I have seen ALL sorts of things happen on a wedding day. From yelling obscenities to super tight timelines to all the happiness and perfection.

One thing I see a lot of is trying to cram too much in to your day. Venues are stricter than ever about being out on time and when you can get in. And while you may be ok the day of eliminating things, those of us vendors aren't sure how to manage because you were very adamant when we spoke before your big day. We don't want you to miss something you wanted, and you may be happier living in the moment ant letting that something go.

Here are my tips to combat Trying To Do Too Much

  1. Begin with the end in mind. One of the questions on my intake form are what are your top 3 things for your wedding. This is there to get you to think about what the top 3 most important things are for your big day. Some of my brides look at it emotionally, some see it literally regarding their wedding and some use it as space to say they want everyone to have a good time. If you begin with the things that are important to you for your wedding and make sure those happen, then we are golden. If photos are a top 3, we will make sure all the photos happen. If family time is in there, and you want to cut out some photo time we can do it. I refer back to this list because those 3 things become a priority for me.

  2. ONE timeline. There are so many moving parts and people to a wedding day. DJ, photographer, videographer, planner, mom... You get the drift. I have had a bride create a different timeline with EACH vendor and her mom and then hand it to me. Nothing was the same. Nothing was anywhere near close to each other. If you have a planner create a timeline with them. Then give that timeline to your vendors. Each vendor has their area of expertise and they create a timeline according to it. But it may not work with other timelines.

  3. Incidentals. I always tell my brides - "if you say your ceremony will be at 3:30, please know it will really be at 3:45. Weddings always start late." Buffer this in to your day. But do not let it be an excuse to get to one more thing really quick. Try to keep yourself on time so there is room for incidentals.

  4. Say No. This is difficult. I don't like saying no, it's the people pleaser in me. EVERYONE in your family, his family, your bridal party will have an opinion. If you know what you want for your day, then say no. You don't have to do what someone thinks you should on your wedding day. If it is a professional vendor you have hired, listen to them and decide if you are ok making a change... They see weddings multiple times a month (even week!) and won't recommend something unless they have seen it happen and fail.

  5. Photos. It wasn't until I moved to Utah that I learned this was a thing. Bridal portraits. And no it isn't those old photos of brides. This is a formal wedding session with you and your soon to be spouse prior to your wedding day. This is also a typical day for getting you hair and makeup trials in with those vendors. Then you and your sweetheart go take photos all dressed up in your wedding gear. I love this. It allows you to get those photos without feeling rushed, and also allows for different locations for photos.

There you have it folks, don't do too much on your wedding day. Plan ahead.

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