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Weddings 101: Tipping

This is a super sensitive subject when it comes to a wedding. I get it. I mean, a wedding is the most expensive party you are going to throw.

First, tipping is not mandatory. At all. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Each of your vendors is supporting your big day and if they give exceptional service a tip is a great way to say Thank You.

Don't tip a vendor just for showing up and doing their job. Tip them for going above and beyond. Here are some ideas for how much to tip different vendors.


Standard to tip.

15-20% of the bill.

Who? The caterer and their service staff. Be sure to check the contract to see if a service fee was charged.


Standard to tip.

15-25% of the service.

20% is fairly typical. If you have more than just the bride having services 25% is the safe way to go on tipping.


Optional to tip.

15% of the service cost.

Your DJ is the heartbeat of your wedding. They will keep the dance floor full, and engage with your guests. If they are exceptional, a tip is a great way to thank them for sticking to your preferred playlist.


Optional to tip.

$50 minimum.

If your florist handles a lot of issues while setting up for your big day, tipping them is greatly appreciated. It helps them to know they are seen and valued.


Optional to tip.

$100 minimum or 20% of service cost.

If your coordinator goes above and beyond and helps create the wedding of your dreams, please tip them. They handle a lot of rude comments, people pulling them different directions, putting out fires and deserve to be rewarded for this.


Optional to tip.

Suggested: $100

They will be photographing the best day of your life, spending hours and hours editing and then sending you their work.

I always tell potential clients that my pricing is based on what I know I bring to the table, and you will get what you pay for. If I am not in your budget, that is ok. I really do feel like a million bucks when someone tips me. However an even better tip would be to leave me a review on google, email me a review or keep sharing my name with those you know!

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