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Weddings 101: Timeline Creation

There are different types of timelines when talking about weddings. Today I want to talk about your Wedding Day Timeline. This is always a little stressful, bring up a lot of emotions from all parties involved and also affect your vendors.

Venue: You will reserve your venue for an amount of time. Generally speaking, this rental is also your setup time as well. If your venue is reserved from 5-11pm please don't plan your ceremony or reception to start at 5pm. Nothing will be set up or ready. Also, don't have your party go until 11pm. You will have to be out of the venue at 11 so all of your things will need to be packed and out. If you stay later, you may get charged. Read your contract, call and ask but don't assume.

Hair and Makeup: These two will always take longer than anticipated. Things happen. I like to add an extra hour in my timelines. I also try to have my brides start earlier so there is a buffer.

Transportation: You never know what traffic is going to look like. I do a google map for directions to get a timeframe and then double it.

Reception: Creating your timeline of grand entrance, dinner, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet toss, send off is tricky. It is so tempting to break things up, but that is the last thing you want to do! It creates a choppy reception. I like to have my bride and grooms cut the cake after dinner is finished, then while the cake is being cut by the caterers to serve have the speeches happening. This allows time for the cake to be cut without people waiting for their cake. While guests enjoy their cake is a perfect time for those first dances. Then you can open the dance floor. It flows easily.

Vendors: Communicate your timing with vendors for when they can drop off or set up. Padding your time is better in the long run for those incidentals!

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