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Weddings 101: Inspiring Wedding Trends

I am loving the direction weddings are heading now! Don't get me wrong... Boho was so cute for a minute. I am so glad to watch it's exit though.

Bridgerton Theme

Blue tones, antique accessories. Puffed sleeves, empire waist dress, bows.

This theme is romantic, bold, and larger than life.

Rust Colors

This is still the last bit of the Boho style hanging on for sure. But it makes the perfect color for fall weddings. And being in Utah, rust with out red rocks is a perfect compliment.

Weekday Weddings

With an estimated 2.6 million weddings, a weekday wedding is where you will find a lot of them. But there are huge benefits to doing a weekday wedding. Lower prices, available vendors and a lot of love.

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