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Weddings 101: Engagement Rings

We all have dreams of what our engagement ring will look like, I know I did. I fell in love with the Princess cut way back in high school when someone I looked up to got engaged. In fact, it was my first engagement ring.

My tastes have changed and I currently sport a very classic round cut solitaire for my engagement ring and an eternity band for my wedding band. I didn't know all the different cuts of diamonds and wedding ring stuff until later in life, and I love it. I wanted to share a little here for you.

Diamond Shapes


  • Round: Maximizes light return and sparkle.

  • Princess: Maximum brilliance

  • Cushion: Antique look, romantic appeal.


  • Oval: Extended sparkle

  • Marquis: Elegant and brilliant

  • Pear: Light dances, a combination of tradition and trend


  • Radiant: Retangular combined with round

  • Emerald: Distinctive antique look, romantic appeal

  • Asscher: Cropped corners and glacier like clarity.

Ring Styles

Solitaire: A single diamond.

Pavé: The French word for “paved.” Pavé diamond settings are decorated with small diamonds that literally pave the band to give it nearly continuous sparkle.

Channel Set: Side diamonds embedded into a grooved channel of the band

Side-Stone: Featurea side diamonds, which bring out the brilliance of the center stone

Three-Stone: Three stones to represent your past, present and future together.

Tension: A ring setting that uses compression to hold a center diamond or gemstone in place.

Halo: A ring of small accent stones, typically pavé diamonds, that encircle a center stone.

Vintage: The main characteristics of the vintage style in the engagement rings are its meticulous designed elements and intricacies.

What is your dream engagement ring?

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