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Wedding Regrets, Will You Have Them?

As I was at a styled shoot a couple weeks ago I heard several times "I want a redo of my wedding!" And then I thought, wow, I hope my brides are IN LOVE with their wedding and have no regrets. However, there will always be regrets and let's talk about them. I believe if you talk about things before they happen it almost puts them to the universe to go the way you want.

Not leaving enough time between getting ready and ceremony for photos: I have worked with brides who planned their getting ready around their ceremony start time. But, they didn't have time for the fun photos of getting ready with their girlfriends!

Not planning time alone with partner: you're getting married. This day is about YOU and YOUR PARTNER. Planning even 20 minutes alone with your partner to just feel all the feelings will help your day feel incredible. I have had brides and grooms have a private meal together between their wedding and reception. This ensures they get time alone together, they get to eat, and they get to be ready for the big party!

Going with current trends rather than a timeless style: Trends come and go. It's life. I mean, kids are wearing jeans from my high school days as cool (and I feel old). Current trends will look dated at some point. A timeless style may not be your style right now, but it will always be in style. Your photos looking timeless will allow you to cherish having the photos on the wall for a long time to come.

Having an Unplugged Wedding: While you may want everyone to be focused on your wedding and party and thinking the best way to do that is to go unplugged, you might want to reconsider. Think of this. Your friends and families have their phones and you get photos from their point of view! They could be a candid photo caught of you and your spouse that is now your Lock Screen. You can assign your maid of honor to take your phone and have her take photos too. They will be the photos you look back on while you are waiting for your photographer to be done editing yours!

NOT hiring a wedding coordinator: I feel like I beat this to death. But, it is something I believe in. Even if you don't pick me to be your coordinator. Hire someone to be your decor manager, crisis averter, therapist and last minute magician.

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