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Wedding Day: Lori + Dave

This couple was the absolute best. I adore them, their love and their commitment. I strive to have this for my marriage.

Lori and Dave have both been married before and are blending their families together. Dave has two daughters and Lori has two sons. It's the most even blend I have ever seen. Watching Dave and his daughters then Lori be escorted down the aisle by her sons brought tears to my eyes. They did it in their backyard which transformed in to the most fun reception.

A few details I loved were the centerpieces with crystals in them, the live band was amazing, I ate the best tacos of my life and the salsa was to die for.

One detail I didn't love: I was putting some food in the fridge... Someone had placed a plate of salsa and queso on top of the fridge where it promptly fell all down my front.

But other than that, the day was absolutely perfect.

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