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Wedding Day: Brianna + Levi

What started as a gorgeous day stayed a gorgeous day!

Brianna and Levi had their wedding ceremony at a beautiful location in Provo Canyon. After the ceremony they joined their family and friends in a big reception at Levi's childhood home. It is a fun yard with a phenomenal view.

As I was setting up, I knew it was going to be a fun reception. I had rescheduled the time the caterers were going to set up. But they hadn't showed up. I called and was told the restaurant had not seen that there was a change in delivery time. Yet they were still late to the originally planned time. I called the caterer and was able to get some money refunded to my bride and groom.

Dinner was a blast, people love tacos for sure.

The dancing was fun to watch. They had the most delicious wedding cake.

One of the highlights was the groom doing the garter toss. He had one of his groomsmen standing by with a tool box and had him handing him tools to get the garter.

All in all I know they were happy, in love and having the best day.

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