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Updated Family Photos

Really, they aren’t updated if they haven’t happened ever, right?

I had my lovely sister-in-law visiting from Idaho last week.  She was teaching a class down by me and came to spend time with us.  Did I mention Stephanie is a hairstylist and an educator for Sexy Hair?  She is.  So, I got my hair done, let Courtney have her first real hair color (she got massive amounts of blonde highlights and I love them), Alex got a haircut and we are all feeling snazzy.  So, I decided family photos (real ones) needed to happen quick! I set an appointment with Camera Shy photography.  We are doing an indoor session.  Mostly because I wanted to do photos with happy children.  (Oliver, Claire, I am looking at you two) And the happy time is mid-day which does not lend itself to outdoor photos very well. Next year we might be successful with outdoor photos!

I have been all over the place on finding a color scheme for our outfits and finding outfits.  I settled on Navy, Cream and Burgundy.  Seems simple.  But it is not.  Burgundy has SO MANY shades!  Some are more purple when others are more red.  Navy and cream has been easy.  I have been fretting over making sure there was a good balance of all the colors.  I shouldn’t be.  But I am.  However, I am right at the last outfit.  One for myself.

I finally found the perfect dress. I decided to wear a jacket I already had to break up all the navy. I think the photos turned out amazingly.

We even brought our dog Baylie to join in!

I love this guy, a lot.

Courtney is looking SO much older than I am ready for her to be.

Alex has his mommas heart.

There are SO many cute photos of Claire, don’t be surprised to see more.

Oliver has pretty much won everyone over with his sweet face

This is my whole little world.

And just like that, everyone survived family photos.

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