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Update: Hair Goals

Back in January I had a post about some Hair Goals I had. I have been following a lot of what I said in that post with some updates. I am so excited to share those changes with you!

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you

  1. Air Dry: I am not air drying my hair as often. I am still washing my hair every third day, but on that day I am air drying it. It was taking all day and into the night for my hair to fully dry. The decision was made that I was still going three days between drying.

  2. Washing less: Like I said above, I am still washing every third day. My hair doesn’t get oily at all. I don’t need to use dry shampoo at all! It is amazing. By day three I NEED to wash my hair.

  3. Products: Argan Oil (ad link)on my ends after I wash it. I will also use this if the ends are feeling dry at night. That lets it soak in while I sleep and moisturize it. Heat Protectant: (ad link) I may not use a hair dryer as much, but I still put a protectant on my hair for when I do use heat. STILL THE SAME PRODUCTS!

  4. Silk Pillow Case: (ad link) I have been using a satin or silk pillow case for 20 years. It is so good for your hair because your hair doesn’t get caught in it and have more tangles. Both of my girls use silk pillow cases too. I STILL LOVE THIS PILLOWCASE!

A few things I have added to my routine:

  1. Pureology Strength Cure Split End Treatment: I got this back in December and I wanted to give it a go for longer than it had been when I wrote my first post. I put this on my hair in the mornings when I wash my hair. I have seen a big improvement in the split ends. I got the tiny travel/trial size back in December and still have at least half of it. I just use one pump when I use it.

  2. Amika Scalp Cleansing Oil: GAME CHANGER. I have known about Amika products for a while. When I saw this I knew I needed to try it out. When I use this oil I can go one more day before I need to wash my hair. I also have a friend with psoriasis on her scalp that started using this and she can definitely tell a difference!

  3. Alterna Bond Repair Overnight Serum: I heard about this serum from another beauty blogger and decided to try it. I use it the night before I am going to wash my hair. It is a bond repair serum that helps keep hair from breaking and smooths the hair cuticles.

  4. Living Proof Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate: I use this in the mornings when I was my hair as well. It is a heat protectant and claims to help hair dry faster with the blow dryer. I have noticed my hair is smoother! It smells divine.

All in all my hair is growing out. I am still dealing with the baby hairs growing back in after having Oliver. My hair isn’t breaking as much. I know that this will take time. I look forward to getting my hair trimmed in a few months to start getting it all one length and getting more and more healthy.

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