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Tweaking not Twerking your Routine

Yep. I went there. It's ok though.

We are a month in to our school year and I think that we are getting our routine down. Let's talk about tweaking our routines. We can get all of the information for school schedules, extra-curricular activities and then it can all change. I originally thought Claire was going to be in half-day kinder, but she got the opportunity to do full day. So that changes our days significantly. And I can't say I am sad about it. I do miss that girl like crazy. However I know she love school.

Alex and I have finally figured out the bus schedule for him to ride to and from school each day. We had decided he would only have to ride the bus one way each day, but when it came down to it his school starts at the same time as Claire's and they are 30 minutes apart. So I told him I would pick him up each day and he would ride down in the mornings. Well, it turned in to him needing to stay after to work on things and ask questions. When that first started it was that I would pick him up 1 hour later. But that was 4:40pm. By the time we got home it was nearly 5:15pm and I was stressing about dinner and all the evening activities. I made a deal with him. If he rode the bus each way to school I would add $10 to his Subway card each week so he can buy himself a sandwich. This boy loves his Subway. It's a win/win situation.

For Claire, we leave the house 15 minutes before school starts... School is 4 blocks away. But you know, drop off. Ew. I also learned that I need to be at Claire's school for pick up about 25 minutes early otherwise I will have to park 2 blocks away and walk to pick her up. Again, school pick up. Ew. So I have tweaked our routines.

When tweaking a routine I would say to sit with what you have created for at least 3 days unless you see an immediate need to change. Such as, Claire doing full-day school. I had to change the pick up times in my routine. But I think after 3 days of sitting within the routine you can see where a change can be made to make it work better.

In my routine I also factor in travel time. So since I know need to be at Claire's school 25 minutes before she gets out I will tell myself to leave 30 minutes early so I am there when I need to be. I find that if you factor in your travel time it sets you up for success and being timely.

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