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The Strawberry Nest Boutique Behind the Scenes

Two weeks ago I was preparing for my first event as an event planner. I had decided to host my own boutique. It was THE best idea I have had in a long time. I felt fulfilled. The women who came had an amazing experience. Friendships were formed.

A little behind the scenes. Scott is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I say what I envision and he helps to make it happen. I wanted a walkway with booths on either side in my back yard. I had this idea to use some lace pennant banners I made a few years ago across the walkway. Then there was the idea to mix lights in with that. Except, how do I make that happen? Enter in Scott.

We bought buckets at Home Depot. We got sand to fill them with. Also purchased at Home Depot were 2x2x8′ pieces of wood. After centering the wood in the bucket we filled it with sand and water. Then, Scott thought to attach little cup hooks at the top of the pole to have something for the lights and banners to hook on to.

I was going to purchase those fancy back yard lights that I have wanted for forever… But, I couldn’t find them for a decent price. I decided that using our Christmas tree lights would be just fine (plus they are lighter than the backyard lights).

My idea in my head was once again coming to reality thanks to Scott. We had our backyard mapped out. The S’mores Bar was set up. Scott had even went “stick hunting” for me. He found 52 sticks, cleaned them and sharpened them for the boutique! My vendors were showing up to set up their booths. And the wind hit. Then the rain came. My idea was not going to be seen by anyone.

We moved the boutique inside and it was spectacular. Scott saved the day by making sure all of his hard work got taken down so it was not super damaged in the storm!

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