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The Strawberry Nest Boutique


I am doing it. My first ever event! I cannot wait to share this with all of you. I am hosting a vendor boutique. I have wanted to host an event for a long time and I finally have had amazing mentorship from Chelsey (housewife2hostess) and feel like I have a good foundation for doing this.

My vendors are other women who have a side hustle, a main hustle, a hobby hustle. They are stay at home moms, single moms and working moms. I love that I can provide a place for them to meet others, share their business and feel success!

If you want to come, I would love to have you as a guest at the event. It is Friday July 26th from 7-9pm. You can get a ticket here!

If you want to see what will be at the event:

  1. Ruby Ribbon

  2. Monat

  3. Chalk Couture

  4. doTerra

  5. Emily Pearl Photography

  6. Maskcara

  7. ColorStreet

  8. Wink Naturals

  9. Usborne Books

  10. Twirl In Pink

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