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The Red, White and Blue

I have always loved the Patriotic holidays. My very own first home I decorated my dining room and kitchen in Red, White and Blue. I loved it. I wish I had photos of it. It did get to be a little bit much. At the time I was an Army wife and loved anything that showed my patriotism. Memorial Day to Labor Day it is all things Red. All things White. And ALL things blue. I am so grateful to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America. Those who serve our country also have my upmost respect.

I love having elements with the color scheme I am using, rather than specific “holiday” decor. Does that even make sense? Take the wreath, I bought it at Christmas a few years ago, but it totally works with the color scheme. Or the throw in the basket, it is just blue and cream, but it works. I know that every one of us has stuff that works with the colors that aren’t specific to that holiday.

On my table I was able to use my red placemats (not all of them match either! I only have 4 of each style) with white dishes. I used the CUTEST gingham napkins along with white chargers and plates. I had two blue and white dishes that were my great-grandmother’s. Those were put at the “head of the table” spots while the 4 star dishes were used at the other seats.

For my the centerpiece I used a whitewashed tray I got at Joann’s years ago. I had painted mason jars that I added to the tray and filled with flowers and small flags. And I really like the little lantern to go with them. The little salt and pepper shakers are from Longaberger as is the basket they sit in.

My mantel is still a work in progress. I love this Rae Dunn piece that says “serve” for this decor. All of our men and women who SERVE our country are heroes. What do you think I could put on the three tiered stand to help it out?

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