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The Not So Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are a girls best friend and worst enemy! They hold SO MUCH useful stuff, and they get weighted down with unnecessary odds and ends. Back when my older two were babies I had a traditional diaper bag.  It was black. It had a bottle holder (never used) had changing pads and pockets galore.

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When I had Claire I fell IN love with the Jujube Be Prepared.  I was going to be working part time and taking her in with me, so I wanted a diaper bag that I could pack for the whole day.  It was PERFECT for that.  I still use the diaper bag a lot.  At least weekly for church and then if we are doing a long day out I will pack it up for that.  Having a big diaper bag wasn’t great for going and running errands.  I ended up getting a Coach diaper bag that was more of a tote and perfect for running around with.

Right around the time I found out I was pregnant with Oliver, I wanted to have some autonomy for myself and stopped carrying a diaper bag around.  I was back to using my beloved purses and keeping diapers and wipes in the car.  Claire had moved to the stage where she didn’t need as much and I could keep a snack in my purse easily.

However, after carrying the Coach diaper bag for 2 years, it was looking worn.  I can still use it if I want to.  It is also a great carry on for travelling. If I am being honest, I fell in love with a Transport Tote  from Madewell. I got this tote from Madewell as a gift from my mom. And instantly fell in love with the soft leather, the classic look, the ability to just hold everything!

So I use a leather Transport Tote for my diaper bag.  Wow, that was a long story just to get to that point. But I don’t feel like I need anything else.  Without further adieu, here is what’s in my diaper bag:

A Changing Pad: for diaper changes.  I got this one on sale at Target last year, and I love how big it is.  I don’t use the little pocket to hold wipes because I need my wipes accessable and not rolled up. But this has ample space for babe to lay on and not be able to touch the changing station.  Gross.

Diapers: I keep two diapers with me and more in a basket in the car. In my diaper bag I keep them in a zip-lock to keep them clean and dry in case something gets spilled.

Wipes: I love this wipes case from Huggies.  You buy the Huggies refill packs and can just add to your case.  Like I said before, I keep my wipes handy so I can pull them out at a moments notice.  I have a Claire and she manages to get sticky!

Change of Clothes: In another zip-lock is a change of clothes and a burp cloth.  One change of clothes for each kid now that I have Claire potty trained. And an extra burp cloth for the unknown.

Purse Organizer: This is for me. It holds my wallet, lip stuff (chap stick, gloss, lipstick), hand lotion, hand sanitizer,  pacifier pouch, and random mom ends. I hate when everything just gets jumbled up and I can’t find a thing! Plus it gives my bag an extra bit of structure since totes tend to not have much structure. I have this one in Medium Slender.  I love that if I am going out without my babes that I can just grab this and put it in one of my other tote purses.

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