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The Art of Journaling

When I was in high school I would journal fairly regularly. Once Courtney was born I wasn’t doing it as often. And with each kid I have done less and less.

At one point I was scrapbooking VERY regularly, and I still try to. But that is me just telling the story of things we have done that we have photos of. It wasn’t me journaling.

And then. I saw it. The most perfect journal. Finding Hidden Wonder came out with a 5 year journal. Each date has its own page and 5 spots for you to write the year in the square, then a few lines to journal. It doesn’t require a lot of writing, or even thought. You just write a few sentences and it feels so good!

I have seriously loved writing my gratitude thoughts each day, along with a little bit about what we did that day. I know that when I look back at it next year, and the year after, and after I will love the reminders of what we were doing on this day last year.

Using this journal has helped me to be more intentional in what I do each day, I think “is this something I would want to write in my journal?”

I love the way the journal comes packaged. It is in the most beautiful keepsake box, inside the box is a zippered bag that keeps your journal in it. I put the box away in my memories box for later. I have my zippered bag with the journal inside of it at my desk.

Once the journal arrived I put JOURNALING in my planner as a to-do each day. And I love checking that box off. I have found a true joy in journaling. I wish I had thought YEARS ago about putting it on my list of things to do each day. All I can think is, thank goodness I am moving forward and making it a priority in my life. Having a pretty journal, having something that is easy and rewarding is the best thing I can do.

Also, the best part? You can get a journal right now for 25% off! All you have to do is go HERE and use the discount code STRAWBERRYNEST25 and get this journal for a killer deal!!!

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