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Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Pasta

A few months ago I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner after church. I wanted something with sun-dried tomatoes since I had a jar I bought at Costco and hadn’t even cracked it open. Usually sun-dried tomatoes go well with pasta…. And chicken. So my search became chicken sun-dried tomato pasta… And wouldn’t you know I found a recipe!

I had all of the ingredients for this recipe on hand so I got everything measured out and ready to go so that I could cook when we got home. And this dish was to die for. Everyone at my house loved it.

Scott wanted me to make it again, and I thought I should try making a cream sauce to go on it as well to give it just a little more oomph! Back to Pinterest I went! And I found a simple recipe for a cream sauce that added just the right flavor and creamy goodness to the already amazing pasta.

For the Chicken Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta (click the link, I promise no disappointment) I do a couple of things different than the recipe calls for out of personal preference. I double the amount of garlic, I rinse the sun-dried tomatoes (I don’t enjoy that much oil on my pasta) and I do not use white wine. In place of white wine I use a blend of vinegar, water and sugar.

For the cream sauce I mix this and this recipe together. I love the garlic flavor (if you couldn’t tell), sometimes adding a little bit more cheese than it calls for!

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