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Summer Hot Dog Bar

I am sure you know that I had a party last week for my kids and we did a hot dog bar. The kids all loved it.

I didn’t want it to be a boring hot dog bar with just the norms. I decided to have a few messy things to go on the hot dogs that I know a lot of people love. I mean, the kids were all teens so they are capable of making their own hot dog and loving more than just ketchup. (Although some kids ate hot dogs with just ketchup)

Hot Dog Bar

  1. Hot Dogs

  2. Buns

  3. Ketchup

  4. Mustard

  5. Relish

  6. Chili

  7. Cheese

  8. Onions (not pictured, but they were diced onions)

I feel like this was the perfect meal to feed a lot of HUNGRY teenagers and that everyone would enjoy.

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