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Spring Cleaning 101

Spring has sprung... At least you know, in my dreams. We keep getting weather whiplash here in Utah.

As I am writing this, my booty has been parked on my couch for at least 5 days with a knee injury. I just had an MRI and I am waiting to see the doctor in a couple days. So I am dreaming of spring cleaning.

I feel like Spring brings an awakening in me. All the flowers start to bloom, the leaves come back on the trees, I plant my garden and I want to refresh my home. I have always gone over and over in my brain what needs to happen for the house to be cleaned for spring. I write it down, and then I throw away the papers I write my list on when I am done.

That is why I made a super fun Spring Cleaning Checklist for myself and you! After I made it and was looking at it, I realized you can make it in to a bingo game for your whole family. Give each person a color, they get to pick out their chores and once the chore is completed their name is written on that spot in their color. Whoever gets bingo first gets a prize, special date night, or whatever you decide. Get everyone involved!

I have had the Spring Cleaning Checklist set to email out to you as soon as you sign up with your email on my home page of the website. If you want to get your free Checklist, click HERE and fill out the form. It will be emailed to you immediately!

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