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Spring Break Bucketlist

Spring Break is next week for our kids and we are super excited. We aren’t going anywhere, but I am hoping that the kids will love the adventure of the home bound spring break. I am sharing our Bucket List with you!

  1. Take it easy: Hang out at home and enjoy family time. We are always going so many directions at our house that having a day set aside to just be together was at the top of the list. Everyone loves days like this. We stay in our comfy clothes and have Dippy Dinner and watch fun movies together.

  2. The Planetarium: This is a fun place for us to go as a family. First, there is no cost to go inside and have fun. You do have to pay for a movie if you want to see one. Everyone enjoys this place. There are so many exhibits that are hands on.

  3. Temple Square: We try to get up here more as the weather is getting nicer. Alex loves to play Pokemon Go! because there are so many stops. We enjoy all of the visitor centers, the tabernacle (amazing acoustics) and eating at the mall across the street.

  4. Museums at BYU: All of them are free. The paleontology museum is a big hit with my kids (even my teens). I love the art museum, the kids don’t love it as much. The Bean Museum has a fun play place plus all of the cool animals!

  5. Pool Time: There is an indoor city pool that we love going to in the winters. It has a waterfall and rock climbing, plus a lazy river which is perfect for Oliver! They have the coolest kids play area too.

  6. Movie Time: We always try to get in at least one movie each spring break. I am not sure what movie we will see, the schedule isn’t out yet. I keep hoping to get to How To Train Your Dragon with Claire.

What are you doing for spring break? Do you enjoy travelling, or doing a stay-cation?

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