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Small Farmhouse Pantry: What We Used

While we were figuring out what to use in the pantry for the shelves we had hundreds of ideas. None of them were great. As Scott and I walked up and down the lumber aisles of Home Depot we saw them. These beautiful pine pieces of wood with round edges. Come to find out they were stair tops. They are an inch thick, gorgeous, straight and not split!

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I wanted to use black brackets for the shelves to sit on, and while there are gorgeous ones that are iron I went simple. I mean, food was going to be covering them up!

When we ripped the old shelves out, the drywall was a mess. It would have taken a lot of work to repair and paint… So buying bead board was a great option for us. I love the way it looks!

I bought several new containers for the pantry. I got square glass containers and giant glass containers from Target. While I was at Home Goods I found some clear pantry/fridge bins to hold spaghetti (the shelves aren’t tall enough for a tall spaghetti container), fruit leather, baking ingredients and applesauce.

I am still figuring out how to best set the pantry up for our needs. I have reorganized weekly just to find the best fit! My poor family doesn’t know where anything is!

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