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Rocking at Back To School Shopping

If you have been here a while, you know I have 4 kids. My older two are a senior and a freshman this year. My younger two has one going to kindergarten and the other is going to a little in-home preschool (just so I can have a few hours each week to get things done for work).

If you also have a high schooler... well. You understand my pain at fees for school. I have spent over $500 so far for the two of my kids and that is just school fees, none of that is Concurrent Enrollment course fees. Help.

Shopping for school supplies is my least favorite thing. Everyone wants something sparkly and flashy and I just want them to fill the needs with the least expensive product. That is why I started doing it online. I order what they need and then they don't ask for things that are unnecessary.

I remember going shopping with my mom, but I don't remember how it went down. I love all office and school supplies so much. Here are a list of my favorite things:

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

Folders: These are cheap (50 cents at the time I am writing this) and are plastic (no tearing) so they will withstand the whole school year.

Binders: My big kids usually need a binder for each of their classes, so I stock up on cheap ones. I have bought this one when Alex & Courtney couldn't carry their backpacks around at the junior high.

Pencils: I will buy several big boxes of mechanical pencils at the beginning of the school year. My big kids enjoy them more, they don't have to carry around sharpeners and if they break, they aren't expensive. For Claire I got regular #2 pencils for her classroom.

Pens: The big kids also love having some pens to write with. I get a variety for them and call it good.

Notebooks: I get Courtney and Alex a notebook for each class in school. Claire has 3 for Kindergarten.

One thing I love about Target is I can order online and pick up the same day. I will occasionally order on Amazon if Target doesn't have it. The price is cheap and I get everything in one order.

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