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Rilynne + Bryce

Rilynne and Bryce are near and dear to my heart. Her parents live literally around the corner from my home. If I opened my front door and looked out I would see their home. I watch Rilynne as a young woman grow up, graduate, overcome surgeries and just be someone I knew would be an amazing adult.

I kind of worked my way in to helping with this wedding, and I am thrilled. I love her, I love her family and I couldn't be happier that she found Bryce who cherishes her.

I loved that this wedding reception was at Le Jardin in Sandy, UT. It's a stunning location! They were married in the Payson Utah Temple and had a fabulous family luncheon before their reception. It was perfect for them.

The venue didn't need much set up. And they had the cutest foods for the night. One. Their cake was Cheesecake. They had a cereal bar (Bryce's favorites) and then Crystal (Rilynne's mother) made all of her favorite appetizer foods.

Our only hiccup was the bridal bouquet. The original idea and what was designed did not match. Thankfully I have one of the best florists ever who was willing to do whatever I needed to get a new bouquet made before 10am. And boy did she deliver!

And leave it to DJ Erick Miner to make the bride's dad sappy and cry while dancing with his little girl. He always goes above and beyond for my weddings!

I love this wedding and all of the favorite things touches added to the wedding.

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