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Red, White and Blue Memories

This weekend happens to be my most favorite holiday. I love 4th of July. LOVE.

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I love that its outside, that the kids run around playing and anything cooked on the BBQ is my favorite.

Here are a few things you can do to help make it even more special!

  1. Food: Burgers, steak, hot dogs, chicken, ribs, veggies, chips, fruit pizza, s'mores, cherry & apple pie, lemonade, and if you're in the south your sweet tea, and if you're like my family all the soda you can ever want.

  2. Games: Cornhole, Ladder Ball, Spike Ball

  3. Activities: Sprinklers, Fireworks, Slip 'n Slide, Water Balloons

  4. Decor: Bandanas, Mason Jars, Flags, Placemats, I use these white plate as opposed to paper plates (they are cheap and reusable and if one gets broken they are easy to replace)

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