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Reading Lately

I have always been a reader. The ability to read ebbs and flows for me. There are some seasons of life where I can get a lot of reading done and others where I am lucky to finish a book. I started a book club last summer in hopes of getting me to read new books and to help me make time to read. So far it is working!

This month we are reading “Life As We Knew It” by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I am not very far in to it, but it is a fun read. It is a series so I may need to read the whole series.

We also read “We Were The Lucky Ones” which is written by the granddaughter of one of the main characters in the book. It is a true story. I cried, I cringed, I wanted to reach in to the book and hold the characters close. Truly this book will have you in awe over the things that this family went through and survived. They really are the lucky ones.

Do you belong to a book club? What have you read?

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