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Q & A with Sarah

Have you always been organized and self motivated?

Short answer. YES.

I have always loved planners and calendars. I have always thrived in a routine. I am a go getter, decision maker and enjoy working on things. I like having projects. I love to see progress on things.

How do you bring out the creative side of you when you write?

This is a hard because I don’t feel like it is creative. I love to plan and organize, so I think that is the creative outlet for me. And then it is creating the things I need to take photos of to go in a post. When it comes to Social Media, I love my weekly planning sessions. I think I just write like I would talk to you my best friend.

Hardest thing as a business owner?

Knowing if I am doing it right. I doubt myself and question things. Which is not like me. I am very decisive and generally don’t question, but when it comes to my business I do question every detail.

Favorite part of being an event planner?

Making memories for people.

A talent you have? A talent you wish you had?

One talent that I have is making friends. I moved around a lot growing up (I went to 2 schools a year from 5-10th grades1) and it became a skill. I love to have friends (hello, extrovert!) and be around others. I make friends with the drive through girl at the soda shop, she makes my day!

What is your favorite way to relax after a long day?

I love to get in the comfiest PJs (top, bottoms), wash my face, use a face mask (you know, the kind we used to talk about pre-covid) and watch a show.

Drive or Fly?

I want to start this off with a little story about Young Sarah. When I was little (elementary school) we lived in Page, AZ. My mom happened to work for Skywest airlines. I remember walking my way over to the airport after school to hope on a plane down to visit my uncle, aunt and cousins in Flagstaff. My mom didn’t know I was wanting to go down, I just showed up. Another story, we were driving up to Salt Lake City from Page and I was so upset about driving when we could fly for free!

As a grown up I still love to fly. Because that means I am going somewhere super amazing and fun. (Like Seattle) But I also love to do a good road trip… Wait. I have 4 kids. What is fun about that?! Just kidding, they are all good travelers.

Final Answer: I love both for different reasons.

Hardest thing as a mom?

As I am writing this, I am sitting in a hotel room that Scott sent me to get some space, get work done and relax away from people wanting/needing anything from me. The last few days have been so hard on me. Having teens and toddlers can be exhausting.

But the hardest thing for me is feeling like I am not doing good enough as a mom. I feel like I am failing no matter what I am doing. Parenting is tough.

Favorite childhood memory?

Each summer my brother Matt and I would fly out to visit our grandparents. This visit was my happy place. I would look forward to the next visit the moment we got home from our last visit. Around the corner from their home was a little store called Grant’s… But we called it the Penny Store because we could go buy penny candy there. My Grandpa would give us a nickel each day to go get a treat. I also loved taking walks with my Grandpa downtown. And the big front porch was the best place to play make believe.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years… I will have a new set of teenagers living in my home! WOW! I could also have one (maybe 2) married kids and possibly a grandkid. That is really weird to write out, but also really exciting.

What has been your hardest yet most rewarding lesson or thing you have gone through?

My divorce.

It was hard to have to go through and become a single mom. But I have seen so much growth in myself in regards to how I handle situations. And it is part of the reason I am doing what I do here on this blog and with my business.

If you could use only 1 thing on your face, what would it be? (eyes, lips, concealer, etc.)

It would be EYES.

Favorite Makeup?

I love everything that Shine puts out. I love the empowering names they use. I love the colors, I love the quality.

I have fallen in love with false lashes. They are such an easy way to make you feel put together.

I also really love the Too Faced Natural Matte Neutral Palette and the Too Faced Born This Way Palette I use them every day.

How do you manage your kids (esp teens) screen time?

I am actually super strict about screen time… Alex and Courtney have iPhones and I have them fairly locked down. They have access all the time to a few apps, but they have to ask permission for anything that is entertaining. Even Pandora.

Claire and Oliver get screen time during quiet time because momma needs space to eat without someone talking to her. Momma needs to be able to work, clean or space out for a few.

The kids have been having a little more screen time with the TV and I have been working on turning it off more and more.

Favorite way to hype yourself up?

I really do feed off of other’s energy. When I am in a group I naturally get energized. I haven’t ever had a hard time going and doing things. I am an extrovert. I love being around people!

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Did you see my previous post about the 5 Year Journal? I have absolutely been loving it as a quick way to record things I am grateful for. It doesn’t feel overwhelming or time consuming.

How do you turn a bad day into a good day?

I am still working on this. And I think. Wait. I know it is possible with work. And I have to choose to put in the work. As always, a drink from my favorite soda shop always helps.

It is all within me to do this. And I know I can. I am working on taking a time out to get myself back together and reset.

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