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Put The Fun in Planning

Listen. I fall in to a category of people that really likes to be productive. I can't sit and watch TV. I don't mindlessly scroll on my phone. I don't sit and read, even though I love to read.

I enjoy crossing things off of my to-do list. I have to make a very conscious effort in to planning fun things to do with my family, friends and plan time to do it.

I am not going to say that having fun is easy for me. It just doesn't fill a need I have. And I know I need to be better for the important people in my life. So, let me share the ways I do it. I know one of you has to be similar to me.

Put it in the plan.

I am making sure that we are doing something fun outside of the house at least 3 days of the week. I mean, I still write this blog, run The Party Collab with Melanie, host The Society and another networking group. I have work to do to keep all things moving forward. Each Sunday when I sit down to plan my week I make sure there are 3 days that include something fun for the kids. Mostly the pool. We live in a desert, it is HOT.

Say Yes.

Saying yes to an impromptu thing is always fun. For most. I try to keep 2 timeframes open each week that don't have plans so we can decide to do something spontaneous. Have you watched Yes Day? I have, and while I love the idea I just try to keep it to a couple of hours each week. Scott is super spur of the moment where I am not, so I always make sure one timeframe is during a time he isn't working.

Let plans be Fluid.

Fluid. Like water. If you plan to go to the pool for your fun time, but a thunderstorm rolls in go to the movies. Go bowling. But don't let go of that planned fun time. Keep it just be fluid in what you are doing. Be flexible.

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