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Preschool: My Feelings

Can we talk about how fast kids grow up? Claire will be 4 next month. This has gone by so fast. We are so blessed to have someone in our neighborhood who does a preschool two days a week. Mrs. Heidi is hard to get in to. I got Claire on the list when I was pregnant with Oliver for this year. So nearly 18 months!

When our local elementary school opened up 3-year old preschool I thought it would be perfect if Claire could go there and to her other preschool. So we signed her up! Last week was her first full week of 4 days at school. She was tired. She was napping. I had quite afternoons!

The first week of preschool at the elementary school, Claire missed the first day from being sick, but I am happy she recovered quickly so she could attend the other day that week!

I have a kid in preschool, a kid in junior high and a kid in high school. This is so not what I thought would be happening in my life at this stage, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Oliver needs to stay little for longer.

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