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Planning A Holiday Boutique

I just finished my second event that I have personally planned. It feels so good to plan and execute events. So, that is why I am already planning a Holiday Boutique!

I LOVE the holidays. I love the food, the excitement, the shopping, the decor and spending time with others.

So I am combining my love for all of these things in to one fun day of SHOPPING! I am imagining cinnamon rolls and other yummy baked goods, soft Christmas music playing and fun shops selling their goods to be purchased for gifts.

** If you know me you know that I try to plan my content ahead of time. I wrote all of this (up above) before I met with Shannon and we talked about doing a boutique together.**

So Shannon and I are having lunch together. When we start talking about why I started planning boutiques and events. Shannon said she loved what I was doing and wanted to do it too. She asked if I would like to do stuff with her and of course I said YES! We had both been thinking about hosting a Holiday Boutique and decided to do one together.

The boutique will be held November 30th. It will be a few hours of shopping for guests, will be an all day thing for those who are vendors.

Do you think you might be interested in joining the boutique? Fill out the application HERE!

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