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Planning A Baby Shower

I was so happy when I found out one of my dearest friends let me know she was pregnant again! And when I found out she is expecting a baby girl I was thrilled! She has 4 boys, and I knew she would love being a girl momma.

When Anjuli texted me saying that she wanted to have a baby shower and she wanted me to host it I couldn't have been happier. I bought my ticket to Portland for the first weekend in August. We had about 6 weeks to plan her Harry Potter themed shower. When they announced that they were pregnant and having a little girl they used a cute little bear dressed up like Harry Potter. I knew the theme would have to continue. We went with blush, maroon, rose gold and a touch of gold.

I am so grateful for Amazon. I was able to purchase everything we would need and have it delivered to Anjuli's home so I wouldn't have to bring more than my clothes with me.

With this shower we did actually two! One was in the later morning in person and one in the evening that was virtual for those out of town. I loved seeing everyone loving Anjuli and her new baby. She is so blessed to have incredible people in her life. Each shower had their own Evite for guests.

I arrived on Thursday evening so that we could get everything ready on Friday for the showers and set up would be minimal.

Friday found us at the store picking up food, making decor (balloon garland & quidditch goals), picking up prints for the game and sending emails with the games for the virtual.

Saturday morning I was up and ready and getting the food set up. We went very simple due to the time. Fruit, water, pink lemonade and Crumbl Cookies.

This by far was a perfect shower to welcome a sweet little girl.

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