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Plan Your Holiday Party - WITH an Event Planner

I think this year will be the year we have a come-back of holiday parties, wether it be personal parties or corporate. But here's the thing, hire a planner. Please.

If you own a company, hire someone to come in and handle this for you. Why? Because HR shouldn't have to plan the parties. If you hire an event planner to come in and make your party amazing you won't have dollar store decor, veggie platters and lemonade. An event planner will come with an army of people, decor and vendors to help make this party a memory maker.

If you want to have a party for all of your friends, and love hosting I still think hiring someone to come in the day of and help set up, keep the food and drinks replenished and then clean will be well worth the cost. I love to host, however I don't remember much about the parties because I am so busy keeping everything going!

What does an event planner bring to the table for your holiday party?

  • Ideas: You may love several different looks for your event. Your Event Planner will help you narrow down the style of the event and help your ideas become more cohesive.

  • Contacts: Your Event Planner will have several people they can call to help make your dream a reality and save you money renting and borrowing rather than having to pay for new decor.

  • Presence: Hiring an Event Planner will allow you to be PRESENT at your party rather than making sure the party runs. They will be the one refilling the drinks and food, cleaning up a spill and making sure you stay on time for each piece of the event.

  • Set-Up & Take Down: Your Event Planner will be there from the time you start setting up until the last crumb is vacuumed up. Having an extra pair of hands who knows what the vision and plan is will make the whole process go easier.

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