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Plan With Me - September

I thought it would be fun to have a series on planning my month with me. For the rest of the year I will share how I am planning my month, week, day and holiday schedule.

I am so glad September 1st is also a blog day! Let's plan my month together. I love to sit down and look at the whole month to see where I have things happening and where my family has things as well. I also like knowing where we can add some fun in too.

First I make a list of the dates that I know have something happening on them. For September it looks like this (making them general to keep some sort of privacy) : 1 - Evening Event

Preschool Open House

3 - Doctor Appointment in SLC

6 - No Work/ No School

7 - First Day of Preschool

Meeting with Melanie

10 - Birthday Party and Anniversary Party Coordination

13 - Doctor Appointment

14 - Meeting with Melanie

17 - Allstate

17-19 - Camping

21 - Meeting with Melanie

28 - Meeting with Melanie

This is just the skeleton of the month. It doesn't include the daily things. I do those next.

Monday - Friday

7:05 - Alex to Bus

7:45 - Claire to Kindergarten

9 - 12 - San Diablo Work

1:55 - Pick Claire up

4:15 - Pick up Alex from Bus

5:30ish - Dinner


3-4 - Social Media Planning

Next I work on my budget. I won't share those details, but I make sure I have exact amounts down, and get whatever bills paid right away at the beginning of the month and mark down when bills are scheduled to be paid on that day so I can check to make sure it happened. I don't always trust technology.

Making sure that my household chores work with the things going on. Such as doing laundry every Sunday. If we are going to be coming home from camping I will adjust that laundry day to the next day. This month I will have to do laundry on the 20th rather than the 19th, but that is the only date.

What is something you do each month to make sure you are on top of things?

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