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Plan With Me: November

I love today. Want to know why?

It's MONDAY. It's the FIRST day of November and we are going to get organized for this month!! It's like every organizer, fitness person, planner, coaches dream. The Monday is the first day of the month. I am sitting down with my planner and going over everything and want to take you along on the journey.

This month is a little crazy because there is a holiday (and the most delicious holiday, if you ask me) so it throws off the routine. I have already done my meal planning, I do it at the end of the previous month. I am so excited that Courtney and Alex are each taking a day to cook dinner each week, it made my planning that much easier!

Write out EVERYTHING you know you have! In my calendar I do this by day. As I make an appointment or schedule a meeting I write it in my calendar. Each month I try to go through and verify where things are and remind myself of the big picture.


  • Personal Development: Read Scriptures, Journal, BURNOUT

  • Instagram Post

  • Claire to & from school

  • Make Dinner

  • Sweep & Mop (this mop is the absolute best thing I bought this year)


  • Social Media Plan

  • Laundry

  • Meet with Melanie

  • Church

November 3

  • Client Party: 40th Birthday

November 4

  • Doctor Appointment

  • The Society

November 5

  • Client Venue Meeting

  • Allstate: Patrick

November 6

November 7

  • Happy 7 Years!

November 8

  • Allstate: Patrick

November 13

  • Bridal Expo

  • Oliver to Birthday Party

November 18

  • The Society

November 24

  • Alex Permit Test

November 25

  • Make ALL the food

  • Enjoy my family making memories

November 29

  • Meal planning

What does your month look like?

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