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Pinners Conference: A Speaking Event

Do you know what Pinners Conference is?

Have you ever been to Pinners?

If you answered yes, you don’t really need to read this part where I explain it… Pinners is a fun conference/expo/craft fair/classes. You can shop all the fun boutiques, handmade items, art, decor, clothing… You get the idea. Then there are classes you can attend where you learn something, make something, combination of learning and making. I have gone to Pinners the last 3 years. It has been so fun.

This year Chelsey had registered to teach a class on throwing a party on a budget. I learned a lot too! She talked about where to buy things to look fancy, how to NOT have too much food, and how to plan ahead.

How we get the party STARTED!

Since Chelsey and I have become business partners (more to come on that in a later post!) I have been able to learn so much and watch what she is doing so that I can join her soon up on stage!

If you are in any of the places on the list for NEXT year would you like for us to come teach a class?

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