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I was so excited to get in the studio with my girl Britanee. She is seriously one of my favorite people. I don't think I have shared the story of how we met... Want to know it? Ok!

We met 2 years ago. At an event. She was photographic that event and I had helped coordinate. This was a BIG event, full of a lot of people, themed, and it was a lot of fun. I had gone down to the parking lot where the guests were to park and be shuttled over. However, I was there picking up volunteers who were helping with the party. Britanee and her husband hopped in my car to get up to the party. And while we didn't spend much time together that night, we had a fun connection. It wasn't until two months later that we were at another event together that we really connected.

Again Britanee was photographing and I was coordinating. And again it was the same client! (I don't share some of my clients on here for privacy sake. They don't need the world to know who they hire for their events.) After that, we just became close. She did family photos for us last spring, we saw each other at other events and just grew close as friends. I consider her family.

We are very similar in our emotions, personality and life. Heck, we each have a kid with the same name! When I was going on TV back in February she did headshots for me last minute, and she just did another session of headshots. And she is so good. SO good. I always feel amazing after we do photos, and then when I see them I am blown away. If you are anywhere in the US and you want Britanee to take photos, she will come do them.

With these photos I was intentional. I knew what kind of posts I have scheduled for the next year. I wanted to get a lot of content shot for that. And she did not disappoint. I also needed new headshots, and those happened as well.

If you are wanting to do a photoshoot, I suggest Britanee. For your brand, your family, your event. I love every single photo she captures. And she makes it fun.

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