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Patriotism and Reverence

I want to open this post today by saying thank you to our service men & women.

Today I am thinking about the many people I personally know who have given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, for their country, for my family.

When I became a military wife when I was young, I didn't know the way that I would be impacted on patriotic holidays. And especially one such as this where we remember those who gave it all.

Walking around the Normandy American Cemetery in France was so humbling for me. As was looking at the beach in Normandy envisioning the men arriving there on D-Day. 90% of them gave their life doing that.

Watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Arlington National Cemetery took my breath away.

Being at a funeral for fallen soldiers will never be easy.

Today we can take a moment to reflect on the freedoms we are able to embrace because of those willing to give their life for it.

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