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Party Serving Essentials

For a long time I had mismatched serving dishes that I got as wedding presents. Nothing went together, some things were what I would find in my great-grandmother’s china hutch and some things were down right ugly. That’s right weird fish bone plate from Williams Sonoma I am talking about you. I tried finding a photo for your viewing pleasure, I cannot find it.

As I have (there is no pleasant way to say it) gotten older I have come in to my own style for serving pieces. That means it is white. It is clear. It mixes and matches perfectly. I do have some statement pieces as well that I completely love.


  1. White platter: Go to HomeGoods and they have TONS of big white serving platters for $13. It is my go to wedding gift. You can also click on the link and it will take you to Amazon and then you don’t have to fight the crowds.

  2. Serving Stands: A stand that has multiple levels for putting food on is also a great way to add height to your table. This can also double as decor for a centerpiece if you want! (my stand isn’t pictured because it is lost! I loaned it to someone and they lost it. I am waiting on my delivery from Amazon today.)

  3. Festive Platter: I saw a gorgeous (and ginormous) platter at HomeGoods that I had to have. It had a Parisian street with the Eiffel Tower and the words “joyeux noel” in a pretty scroll. I bought it and know that each year I will bring it out and it will be used the whole month of December. I also have a platter that is glass with a turkey etched in to it. That gets used on Thanksgiving.

  4. Glass Platter: I got a cute glass platter (it is more charger size) from Crate and Barrel a few years ago. It matches everything and looks very elegant. The Crate and Barrel one is no longer sold, unfortunately.


  1. Glass Bowl: Along with the glass platter from Crate and Barrel I got a matching bowl. I love salads in a glass bowl. They look so fresh and pretty.

  2. Copper Bowl: I have one similar to the one linked. I love the matte copper. It is pretty, adds detail and feels a little fancy!

  3. White Bowl: I love the simplicity of a white bowl. I love that it doesn’t detract from the food it is holding.


I feel like all of these are very self explanatory, so I will save you the commentary! I hope this helps you to know what you need to set up your house for hosting the best parties ever!

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