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Party in a Box

Remember how I have talked about The Party Collab EXPO?

It was supposed to be May 12th. We have a “stay safe, stay home” order in place until April 30th. Melanie and I didn’t feel like we could keep the date for the expo with all that is unknown with the social distancing. We knew it would be hard for people to jump back in to gatherings of people. We have postponed it until the fall. We are so hoping to get a date soon.

Until then, THE PARTY BOX!

I am so excited. We knew we wanted to encourage people to celebrate even during these times of social distancing. We wanted people to be able to have fun birthdays, holidays, for the fun of it nights. And enter in the Party Box.

We first had ideas for a different type of boxes, but then it evolved to what we have now!

This came out of something that I wish I could find for my family. I want to order a box with all the things to make a movie night complete without having to do any of the work. It includes a movie rental, candy, popcorn and some other fun little things to make your movie so fun and different!

We wanted to create a fool proof party for you. That means making it simple. All the things needed for a small party of fun, in whatever color you pick! It comes with everything but the food.

I am so excited we have these boxes to share with everyone. If you have a birthday, special occasion, or just want to make a day more exciting we have what you need to go the extra mile!

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