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Packing a Family for Disneyland

One thing I have learned as a mom is that going on vacation requires a lot of planning. The next thing I learned is that Mom’s take care of packing themselves and the kids. Luckily for me, my teenagers have learned to pack themselves. And also luckily they are grown up enough to know not to complain if they forget something. There have been times where they ask to go to the store and they actively purchase what they forgot or need.

For Scott, I don’t worry either. I just ask him that he be packed the day before we are supposed to leave. He does awesome at packing himself!

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A few tips I have learned:

  1. Keep your toiletries for travel ready to go: We all have a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. Then each person has a travel bag with shampoo, body wash, face wash, deodorant, etc. together so they don’t have to go through their daily use stuff when packing. It is already to go.

  2. Packing Cubes: Life SAVERS. Each member of my family has a set of their own. Except the little kids, they share a set. It keeps all of the luggage clean and tidy.

  3. Wrinkle Free Clothing: I know. I know. But I have discovered that for me, having wrinkle free clothing to travel with is perfection. I love the Blouse Tee, Everyday Tee, and the Street Joggers are to die for. I know I don’t have to worry about my clothes because they don’t wrinkle!

Do you have any packing tips? I am always up for learning how to do this better!

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