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Our Story {Part 7}

This season of dating Scott was not as intense. I had moved to Utah, we lived in the same town, we had the ability to hang out any time we wanted. There was no travel involved.

We took it easy. We hung out a lot. We did things that included my kids. A lot of the time Scott would come over in the evenings and we would binge watch Chuck.

I feel like this part of our relationship was very foundation building. We had emotionally gotten to know each other a great deal in the first 5 months we dated. Now we were getting to know each other in our day to day life. I loved when we spent time together. Scott was incredible with my kids. He always wanted to include them.

One of the first things Scott did that made me feel so special is he helped Alex make his Pinewood Derby car. The first one went WAY over weight, so Scott took off work and made him a new car. I could not believe how caring he was to do that.

Easter Sunday this year was spent with his family. He and his brother were wrestling (probably figuring out some brotherly problem) and Scott blew his pectoral muscle off of his chest wall. So he had to have surgery to put it back on. I went and took care of him several times and spent the weekend with him. By the next weekend Scott was ready for some fun so we took the kids to dinner and to an arcade.

Scott and I also celebrated birthdays in April and May. It was a lot of fun to grow together as a couple. I look back at this time in our relationship with fondness and a smile.

There was a time I got a REALLY bad sunburn. Like I was radiating heat. Scott had this great idea to getting the burn out of my skin. An ice bath.

We took the kids in to the mountains to roast hot dogs and make s’mores.

Scott bought the kids bikes and taught them to ride two-wheelers. I hadn’t been able to buy them bikes as a single mom. There just wasn’t a ton of money for extras.

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