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Our Story Part 5

About this time 5 years ago I came to visit Scott in Utah. This was kind of a big trip. I was looking for a place to live for Courtney, Alex and I when we moved down in February. This was kind of a big deal. Moving to Utah. I had a job with a great insurance agency. I still work for them 5 years later from home part time.

I had been looking online, Scott had been looking. It was actually Scott who found my house for me. It was a great townhome. It was in Pleasant Grove, close to grocery stores, close to a great elementary school, and close to Scott. I signed a lease through the end of September. When I signed it I had hopes that Scott and I would be making more permanent plans for our relationship. And if we weren’t I would be able move to a new location that was good for my little family of 3.

I actually don’t have ANY photos from this trip. I think it was so busy with logistics that we didn’t really do anything other than hang out and watch movies in the evening and go do moving stuff during the day.

Scratch that. I just checked the calendar. I got in on Friday. We were going to play paint ball that day, but the place we went to was a bust. So we went shooting at an indoor shooting range. And we went rock climbing at Scott’s favorite place near by. The next day we looked at houses and had dinner with Scott’s friends Mike & Anna.

The Calendar: When it was close to the year anniversary of dating I made a calendar of our first year together. I put all of the things we did together that year on it. Scott loved the gift, I love that I can pull it out and check out how our life was years ago.

This was my last visit to Utah. It was almost bittersweet. Mostly sweet. The next time I saw Scott I would be moving to Utah!

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