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Our Story Part 4

After Scott came to Seattle, it was decided that I should come visit in a couple of weeks. Scott’s parents were getting ready to serve a mission in Fiji and he wanted me to meet them before they left. It was soon in to our relationship, but I think it really worked out for the best.

We hiked up to the G, went rock climbing (my first time), had Sunday dinner with his parents and met his siblings that live close by. I really loved getting to spend time with Scott so soon after I saw him last. At this point there were deeper feelings developing and it was not as fun to be so far apart. This was also the trip that I interviewed with a couple of agencies to move down to Utah from Seattle.

In December I came back to visit just before Christmas. Scott and I spent time with some of his best friends from his childhood, spent Sunday evening together with his family. We got to go up to the lights at Temple Square. I had never been before. It was gorgeous. We also exchanged Christmas gifts. Scott did the 12 Days of Christmas in gifts, I gave him a new jacket and did the 12 Days of Christmas in handwritten notes.

This whole dating and falling for someone so incredible felt amazing. I can’t believe how everything fell right in to place for us.

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