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Our Story {part 2}

Did I leave you hanging with my last post about our story?

Like I said, I brought up meeting in real life. We didn’t live near each other so we had to plan ahead. It just so happened that Scott had a conference in Las Vegas. I had some ticket vouchers that needed to be used. It was meant to be.


5 years ago today I got on a jet plane and landed in Las Vegas. As I walked in baggage claim a really cute guy was holding a printed paper with my name on it. And just like that we hugged, got my bag and were on our way to the store to pick up some ice cream. We had talked about this date for days, weeks. It was so surreal to actually be in person with each other.


Our first date was amazing. We hung out at the pool. We shopped. We went out to an amazing restaurant in Las Vegas (not on the strip!). After that dinner Scott took me to a little beach at the resort and we danced under the stars. It was so sweet and romantic. We road tripped and had so much fun just being together. When it was time for me to go home, I was sad. I felt so comfortable with Scott. We laughed, we made corny jokes, we had deep conversations and I was so happy.


I returned home on Sunday we went right back in to our normal routine. However, the next night Scott was looking at tickets to come to Seattle. And he bought tickets to come to Seattle just two weeks later.

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