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Our Favorite Charcuterie Ingredients

Do any of you have picky eaters? I am hoping I am not the only one! A long time ago I would do “dippy dinner” with my kids. We would lay out a blanket on the floor, get a whole bunch of dippy foods and have a picnic while watching a movie together.

Dippy Dinner has evolved. We have a golden retriever and can’t eat on the floor easily. Plus Oliver would probably crawl over all the food, sample it all and make a big mess. Enter: the charcuterie dinner. This is the fancy form of Dippy Dinner. When my friend Sara posts her Snack Tray of the Day each day I get all inspired. So when I didn’t know what to make for dinner I went with the charcuterie dinner/snack tray idea. We had this on Monday night. Let me share a little about what we enjoy in this dinner.

  1. Bread and dipping oil. It is a thing. I get a sourdough bread loaf from the bakery section, not just a loaf of sourdough from the bread aisle. Take a small plate and put olive oil, add some balsamic vinegar, sprinkle some lemon pepper over the top and add some minced garlic. Tear off the bread and dip. ENJOY.

  2. Red peppers and cottage cheese (not pictured because we ate them all). I know, I know. Some of you detest cottage cheese. You don’t have to have this on your tray! It is a good way to get a veggie and protein together. I am super sensitive to peppers if I don’t have some dairy with them I get major heartburn. (thanks kids) So I cut the peppers to be like a little bowl to hold the cottage cheese and add a little pepper on top!

  3. Crackers. This is the little kids’ favorite part. We always have Wheat Thins at our house. I will also add Ritz crackers, maybe some Garden Herb Triscuits and/or Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits.

  4. Meats. We love salami here. I will usually pick up a trio of salami from the grocery. We love peppered salami, uncured genoa salami and we try to mix it up with one we haven’t tried.

  5. Cheese. This is a favorite food group. I always love the “fancy” cheese displays. We are adventurous with cheese at our house. Trying new ones is a favorite past time. Some of our favorite cheese include Beecher’s Flagship Cheese (Costco please stock it always here in Utah), Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese, Tillamook Sharp White Cheddar, Gruyere, and so many others. The kids love the little Babybel cheeses so they frequently make their way to the tray.

Do you do charcuterie trays at your house? What is your favorite things to add to them? I am always looking for suggestions on things to add to mine!

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