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Our Engagement Story

5 years ago, tomorrow, Scott asked me to build a life with him. He had taken so much time and set this up that I would be so sad if I didn’t share it.

If you haven’t read my “Our Story” posts you should do that first. You can find them here, here, here, here, here, and here. Yes, I do know there is a 3 missing. That is just an error on my titling. I haven’t really talked about the few months after we went to Disneyland with the kids… I guess I could do that now. I will make it sweet, and try to be short.

After teaching the kids to ride bikes, taking them on the boat, and roasting mallows up in the canyon the 4 of us went to Disneyland. Not to make it an amazing trip, but to drop my kids off with their dad. He was moving back to the States after living overseas. He would get them for the next year because he had missed two years of time with them. So we went to Disneyland and handed over my two most precious things to someone else.

Scott came with so that I wasn’t alone, we returned home and settled in to a routine that was just the two of us. I think that it really gave us a chance to grow as a couple. We hiked, we went to baseball games, we hung out and watched tv. It started to be that I would come over to his (now our) home and do dinner every night, go home in time to go to bed and wake up the next morning for work. It became a familiar routine. One day in August, I was getting to the gym and Scott called and asked if I wanted to drop a cupcake off to his friend Ginger for her birthday (Ginger and I are now great friends). I went, as he dropped me back off at the gym he asked if I would want to go shopping with him soon… Shopping for rings…. WHAT?!

My lease on my townhome was ending at the end of September. I didn’t know what Scott was planning. I didn’t know how long to sign my next lease for. We started moving my stuff to Scott’s house. We decided I would move in to his parent’s home (they were living in Fiji for 18 months) until we got married. But I didn’t need all of my stuff. In fact, I would take my clothes over with me each night for the next day.

On to our engagement. It was Friday October 10th. I took Scott’s car to work with me because my car needed an oil change and Scott only works a half day on Friday. He was going to take my car to be serviced. I took his car to the car wash and had it detailed. Our Friday night plans included a double date with his best friend Tom. I came home, got ready to go out to dinner. And Tom called. He said his date was going to be later and he would call us when they were ready.

Scott said he saw the lights on at the baseball field at the high school and we should go check it out. They had been doing construction over there. Scott helped to build that field when he played ball in high school. It is a tender memory for him.

We got to the baseball field and were completely alone. We looked around and talked about how unfortunate it must be for the homes just past the outfield if a ball went through their windows. As we stood on the pitchers mound and the air was clean, it was a little chilly, Scott pointed something out and I followed with my eyes. I was examining and trying to see what he was pointing at. When I turned to say something he was down on one knee. He started saying the sweetest things, none of which I could remember even minutes later. Then he asked me to be his wife. I of course said YES!

I didn’t know that Tom was in on the secret, and had been filming the entire time we were there. Scott had worked with the baseball coach (who is now one of Courtney’s teachers!) to get the field ready for him to propose. Scott asked Tom to film it so we could create a video of our engagement.

We went to dinner and then to Tom’s home so we could watch our movie. It was perfect. Want to see the video? You read this far, you should watch it.

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